The easiest way to transfer files between Windows and Linux 2016-02-24 07:01

There are many ways to transfer files between Windows and Linux, but they are not satisfactory.

  • FTP

you have to install FTP server and start the service. Keep the service on or when you need transfer you have to start service first.

  • SCP

you have to type long command in terminal. I hate long command. I hate input username and password(especially strong password).

  • Putty

if you use UI you have to open a new window and input username and password again. if you use commandline it's same with SCP(long command).

Is there a easier way to transfer between windows and Linux?
Install lrzsz

    sudo yum install lrzsz

if you want download file from Linux to windows use "sz"

    sz <file_full_name>

if you want upload file from windows to Linux use "rz", then choose the file click OK button.