leetcode 2020-09-10 04:50

Talk is cheap show me the code.

No. Problems Difficulty
2 Add Two Numbers Medium
19 Remove Nth Node From End of List Medium
21 Merge Two Sorted Lists Easy
23 Merge k Sorted Lists Hard
24 Swap Nodes in Pairs Medium
25 Reverse Nodes in k-Group Hard
61 Rotate List Medium
82 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List II Medium
83 Remove Duplicates from Sorted List Easy
86 Partition List Medium
92 Reverse Linked List II Medium
109 Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree Medium
138 Copy List with Random Pointer Medium
141 Linked List Cycle Easy
142 Linked List Cycle II Medium
143 Reorder List Medium
147 Insertion Sort List Medium
148 Sort List Medium
160 Intersection of Two Linked Lists Easy
203 Remove Linked List Elements Easy
206 Reverse Linked List Easy