Access angular app running on virtual machine 2018-08-01 10:21

I install Node.js and npm in my virtual machine which OS is CentOS. I following official website here to start my first Angular app. After execute ng new my-app init the project I execute ng serve --open to start the app. The log is here.

[root@localhost my-app]# ng serve --open
** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **

Date: 2018-08-01T14:13:42.780Z
Hash: 041cde23e4fcb4e3d5e3
Time: 52040ms
chunk {main} main.js, (main) 10.6 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {polyfills} polyfills.js, (polyfills) 227 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {runtime} runtime.js, (runtime) 5.22 kB [entry] [rendered]
chunk {styles} styles.js, (styles) 15.6 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {vendor} vendor.js, (vendor) 3.27 MB [initial] [rendered]
ℹ 「wdm」: Compiled successfully.

The ip of virtual machine is "". When I access in my physical machine I got nothing. I read the log again and google this issue. I use following command to start the app.

ng serve --host

Then I can access the page "" from my physical machine successfully.