Quickly open cmd with current path in Windows 2016-05-11 06:13

I don't like command prompt in windows. Linux command line is more power than windows. You can't even use tab to auto-complete the path accurately, especially you install the software in C:\Program Files. But, compare with opening a virtual machine installing software in windows is more convenient. Every time when I need use command prompt in windows I have to do following steps.

  • open command prompt
  • open the directory where the command located
  • copy the path
  • type cd paste the path
  • type the target command

It waste a lot of time. Today I found the quick way to open the command prompt with current path. It is easy to open the directory where the command located. You can use Everything to quickly find any file and open the path. In Windows explorer there is a quickest way to open command prompt quickly.

  • press alt + d in windows explorer to move the focus to the location bar
  • type cmd

Use the method above you can open command prompt with current path quickly.