Catch exception in MyBatis 2016-07-04 04:16

I generate mapper interface and xml file in my application. There is no exception in method signature. But when the sql execute failed MyBatis will throw an exception. I found the exception thrown from MyBatis is always PersistenceException. After reading the source code, I seemed to understand.


public int update(String statement, Object parameter) {
    try {
        dirty = true;
        MappedStatement ms = configuration.getMappedStatement(statement);
        return executor.update(ms, wrapCollection(parameter));
    } catch (Exception e) {
        throw ExceptionFactory.wrapException("Error updating database.  Cause: " + e, e);
    } finally {


public class ExceptionFactory {

    public static RuntimeException wrapException(String message, Exception e) {
        return new PersistenceException(ErrorContext.instance().message(message).cause(e).toString(), e);


If you want catch the exception in MyBatis you can capture the PersistenceException. Do not forget that it wraps the real exception. Capture exception code may like following.

try {
    // invoke mapper 
} catch (PersistenceException e) {
    final Throwable cause = e.getCause();
    if (cause instanceof PSQLException) {
        // handle the exception